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Need Help with Your Product?

Is your Cuckoo product not working properly? Or do you have any mechanical problems that you can’t fix? Don’t worry our A/S Center can help you out! Just email us anytime and tell us any problems with your Cuckoo product and we’ll help you fix the problem.  


Please be advised that Warranty or Repair service is strictly limited to Australian Cuckoo Products only. Products purchased from overseas sellers (eg Ebay) cannot be repaired or serviced in our service centres. Some models may look similar but their voltage intake is different, we do not have any parts for those models.



For warranty Claims, please email

We will respond you as soon as possible.

Warranty does not cover the following parts: steam plate, measuring cup, rice scooper, cover packing, inner pots, inner lids, lid knob, drain dish and removable cover lids.

The warranty does not cover improper use, misuses, abuse, or neglect on the part of the owner. This warranty is invalid in any case that the product is taken apart or serviced by an unauthorized service station. All design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

* The warranty covers parts and labour for the repair. It but does not cover the shipping costs for items sent to our A/S center for repair. Shippings costs may vary depending on your location and distance from our A/S Center.  For faulty products, customer must contact our service centre prior to posting the product. 


Please email first and our Cuckoo staff will provide instructions on how to get your service repairs



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