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General Maintenance Video Tutorial

Inner pot Maintenance

Please do not use any sharp or metallic utensils on the inner pot. Please use the plastic scoop provided or silicon utensils on inner pot. 


Rubber Packing Ring Replacement

For all Pressure rice cookers (including IH models), Please replace the rubber packing ring every 2 years. The rubber packing ring locks the pressure inside the pot. During the process, the rubber ring is exposed to extreme heat and pressure over a long period of time (eg 2 years). The rubber ring softens over time and will no longer be able to lock the pressure inside the rice cooker. Since there is no pressure, it cooks rice like a non-pressure rice cooker. ie harder grains (such as brown rice) is no longer cooked well 

Please follow the video link below to find out how to replace the rubber packing ring.




Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Cuckoo rice cookers cook foods other than rice ?

Yes, absolutely. Not only can it cook various kinds of grains, it can also pressure cook any meat, vegetables, soups etc. The
multi-cook function can be used to cook various types of meat and vegetables, stews etc.

 2. What is an IH (Induction Heating) rice/pressure cooker? How are they different to conventional pressure rice cookers?

IH rice/pressure cookers are also classified as pressure cookers. All pressure cookers basically build pressure inside the pot to cook food. This process enables the rice cooker to reach a higher boiling point than when it is at a standard pressure (1 atm/105 Pa->100 degrees celsius). Pressure cookers can reach 120 to 150 degrees celsius. IH rice/pressure cookers build more pressure, and thus have higher boiling point than a conventional pressure rice cooker. IH pressure cookers use induction heating technology (induction coils build electromagnetic induction to heat up the whole stainless steel inner pot), whereas conventional pressure cookers use a heating pan to heat up the inner pot.

 3. What are the benefits of IH pressure cookers?

As explained in FAQ 2, the rice cookers can reach higher boiling points. Not only does it reach a higher boiling point, but it shortens the time of cooking. When food/grain is cooked at higher heat within a short time, the food becomes softer and tender. As the whole inner pot (bottom and sides) is heated up instead of only bottom of the the inner pot (conventional rice/pressure cookers use a heat pan on the bottom), the rice is more evenly cooked. This is what makes the Cuckoo very popular in international markets.

4. What are the coating layers of the inner pots ?

Different rice cooker models have different inner pot coatings. Many of our models have diamond coatings on the top layer of the pot to prevent rice from sticking to the pot. IH rice cookers are more durable to scratches.

5. Do you have inner pots that have no coatings at all?

In Australia, our rice cooker only has non-stick coating on its pots. Non-coated inner pots (pure stainless steel, cast iron) were sold in Korea in past for a very short time but they have been discontinued, as they are very difficult to use (sticking problems). If your inner pot has been scratched due to misuse, you can purchase replacements on our website.

6. 6 cups? Or 10 cups? Which one would suit me?

If you are intending to use the cooker as a pressure cooker, a 10-cup cooker is recommended. If you are intending to use the cooker solely as a rice cooker, a 6-cup cooker would be suitable for 2 to 3-person family, or a 10-cup cooker for families of 4 to 8 people. Please note that this is a guide only.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us



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