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On this page you are able to find all of our current models of rice cookers that are imported in the Australia. The e-manuals of are of USA versions. The contents are very similar to the manuals being imported into Australia. The E-manuals are for your reference only. 


                                               CUCKOO RICE COOKER                                        
Model #: E-Reader: Full Download
 CRP-CHSS1009FN  KORCHI, or ENG  41.2mb
 CRP-DHSR0609F  KOR or ENG  36mb
 CRP-HW1087F  KORCHI, or ENG  31.7mb
 CRP-HN1059F  KORCHI, or ENG  27.7mb
 CRP-FA0610F  KOR or ENG  6.4mb
 CRP-M1059F  KORENG, or FRE  31.5mb
 CRP-N0681F  KORENG, or FRE  69.2mb
 CRP-P1009S  KORENGFRE, or CHI  32.7mb
 CR-0351F  KOR or ENG  13.9mb
 CR-1051  KORENGCHI, or SPA  1.9mb
 CR-1055  KORENGCHI, or FRE  11.3mb


                                                          Download (1.6mb)